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Marcelo Savio



Film Maker

Motion Film Photographer

Broadcast Director

Plan, organize and control the various stages and scheduling involved in the production of presentations, motion pictures, television shows and radio programs; engage directors and other production personnel and supervise all technical personnel.

Video Porducer

Video producers need creative vision, and it can be a fun role: You can tell one story a hundred different ways, and you know that what you have is unique because you might have colored it differently, edited it differently, filmed differently — it’s your one-of-a-kind creation. You get to be as creative as possible and use your imagination.

Motion Picture Photographer

Motion picture photography or cinematography, photographic arts and techniques involved in making motion pictures.

Based in Madrid, and accessible around the world, Starlite Films brings its 30 years of combined experience, unique style of storytelling, and cinematic techniques to serve companies in need of high end media content.

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  • Television
2016 - 2022

Audiovisual Technical Director

30 years of combined experience, unique style of storytelling, and cinematic techniques to serve companies in need of high end media content at Starlite Films.

2009 - 2016

Video Producer

Collaborator in different companies such as ESAEM, Nikki Beach Worldwide, Starlite Festival, Ocean Club Marbella, Merlin Producciones and many more..

1993 - 2008

Video Producer

The first television production company of which I have been a part was Sacco Producciones. Later, together with my executive partner Guillermo Lockhart, we have set up the largest television production company in Uruguay, Grupo/3. Creating Anonymous Voices sold to many countries around the world. To then fly to Spain in search of new audiovisual projects.


Starlite Universe

We develop television content worldwide, at Starlite Films. Directed by Paola García San-Juán Machado. And we created, among other content, the opportunity to experience the biggest concerts held at Starlite Festival many miles away, recounting everything that happens at the most important boutique festival in the world.


Big Tv Company Grupo/3

In 2005 we created Grupo/3, a production company that generates content for television and advertising. We had the greatest impact with the "Voces Anonimas" tv show, "Histories and legends of the magical universe". Touring a large part of the main cities of the globe, in search of fascinating stories to tell in the show.


Montevideo, Uruguay

In 1995 we began to produce audiovisual content for open and satellite television. Generating programs like "Estilo" on Channel 10, "La Movida" on Channel 10 and many others.


Working on...

Producer, director, editor: At the age of twelve he got his first video camera, with which he began to discover his passion for the audiovisual world of creating trailers and videos.


Summer 2023

This coming summer, like every summer for 10 years, we will be in Marbella with the entire team to make our visitors feel part of the universe of stars.


Starlite Films Tv Productions

The Starlite Films team is working hard to produce, together with "Gato grande" and "Metro Golwin Meyer", audiovisual content that will thrill many of our Starlite Festival fans.


Unreal Engine

The world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. We are working to bring to life some excitements news.



One plus one.. equals two, but if one remains we have a problem, that's why we have to be positive and put the best energy with the best professionals to bring great ideas to life.

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